Where do you get your parts?

The Centre imports appropriate parts from the USA. All the parts we use have been donated by the donor by first person consent before they died.

Are they embalmed or fresh frozen?

All the parts we use are fresh frozen and defrosted prior to use in such a way as to have them in optimum condition for a course.

Can specimens be obtained that have had the bowel prepped?

Yes. At the time of ordering the parts, we can specify the whether or not this is required. If bowel prepped parts are required, the Centre must be informed at the time of booking the course, as once the parts are ordered, a change in the specifications may not be possible.

Can parts be prepared to have pathology such as fractures, tendon tears, herniae?

Yes, this can be arranged.

What is the risk of infection/transfer of infection from the specimens used at the Centre?

All specimens received have been blood screened for HIV; Hep. B; Hep. C; Syphilis and history screened for CJD; Meningitis and Ebola. Only specimens with negative results are accepted from our suppliers and therefore the risk of infection is not considered to be significant.

Use & Positioning of Parts

Over how many days can a course run using the same parts?

Depending on the particular course, it is possible to run courses over a period of up to 3 days using the same parts. In the case of open abdominal surgery or bowel surgery, we would not recommend using the same parts for more than two days.

For how many courses can a part be re-used?

This depends on the purpose for which the parts are used for each course and how long the parts remain defrosted for each course. In the case of limb surgery or minimally
invasive thoracic or abdominal surgery, it is usually possible to use the parts for 2 or 3 courses if each course is for only one day at a time. With open abdominal surgery, a second use may not be possible.

Can parts be held in appropriate positions to accurately simulate live surgical positioning on the operating table?

Yes, the Centre has developed a method whereby parts can be positioned and securely held in any reasonable required position. Information about positioning should be discussed with Centre staff prior to the course.

Courses & Delegates

How many delegates can you accommodate on a course?

The centre has up to 10 operating tables and can therefore accommodate up to 60 delegates. We recommend, however, that there are no more than 4 or 5 delegates at each table
during a course.

Do delegates and faculty change into surgical scrubs and gowns or use their own clothing during a course?

All delegates and faculty wear full surgical scrubs when working in the lab and surgical gowns, caps, masks and gloves are worn during surgical work.

Can you run courses on endoscopy, such as colonoscopy, oesophagoscopy, gastroscopy?

Yes. It will be necessary for the endoscopes to be brought in for individual courses, the cost for which the company will be liable .

Can the Centre run courses on joint arthroscopy?

Yes. The centre has arthroscopic stacks with all the necessary equipment to perform arthroscopy of any joint.

Can laparoscopic abdominal and pelvic surgery be carried out at the Centre?

Yes. The Centre has facilities for insufflation and for tilting the tables in all directions to facilitate this kind of surgery.

Can joints be mobile during the ‘surgery’?

Yes. The centre has developed a method of securing parts that allows joint to be mobile during ‘surgery’, as would be the case in live surgery.

Can the centre run courses on joint or cavity aspiration or injection techniques?

Yes. Furthermore, the joints can be prefilled to facilitate this kind of work.

Do you run courses at weekends, or evenings?

Courses in the evening and at weekends can be arranged with appropriate notice and will incur additional charges.

Facilities & Equipment

Apart from the lab and the seminar room, is there any facility to use other rooms for breakout discussions, demonstrations or trade fairs?

Yes. For an appropriate extra charge per room, breakout rooms for such purposes can be booked.

Is there a facility for companies to display their products in the Seminar Room, or in the Lab?

Companies can arrange to display and demonstrate their products in any of the seminar or breakout rooms during a course. The lab itself cannot be used for such purposes, except where instruments and products are being used as part of a course. The layout of the seminar room which should be discussed and agreed prior to the course can include tables and
stands for product displays and demonstrations.

Can we as a company bring our own equipment for a course?

The centre provides basic sets of surgical instruments. Specialised instruments for different procedures are usually provided by companies. In the event that a company commits to repeated regular use of the lab for particular courses, the Centre may be in a position to procure and keep certain instruments.

Can the operating table be tilted head up-down and side-to-side?

Yes, the tables can be tilted, lowered and raised.

Have you any X-ray facilities?

The Centre has three image intensifiers for use during courses. In order to use these facilities, it is necessary for the Centre to arrange for a radiographer to be available on site when their use is required.

Can parts be scanned prior to a course?

Scanning of parts prior to a course can be arranged. This requires sufficient notice and incurs a charge.

Can you scan parts during a course or procedure?

This facility is not currently available at the Centre.

Have you got the facility to perform microsurgery?

Yes, there are six operating microscopes at the Centre.

Have you got the facility to perform navigational scanning surgery?

The Centre has a Medtronic navigational unit and with appropriate pre-course scanning and Brain Lab technical assistance, this is possible.

Can diathermy be used in the Centre?


Do you have carbon dioxide insufflation?


Audio-Visual & Photographic Facilities

Is there a digital audio-visual link between the Lab and the Seminar Room?

Yes. It is therefore possible to observe procedures in the lab from the Seminar room, including close-up views, and carry on a two-way discussion.

Is there the facility to demonstrate external and open surgery as well as internal cavity or joint surgery on screens in the lab?

Yes. All procedures in the lab can be displayed on the screens in the lab. The screens can also display from individual scopic stacks and can show multiple simultaneous images.

When in the lab, it is possible to present powerpoint presentations to those present in the lab?

Yes. Powerpoint presentations can be presented from a PC or MacBook in the lab with the images and videos displayed on one or more of 4 large wall screens in the lab. A single wireless head-mounted microphone and 2 wired handheld microphones are available in the lab.

Does the Centre provide photographs and videos of the procedures to the faculty, company reps and delegates?

No. Photography to produce still and moving digital images is strictly controlled to comply with HTA and GMC requirements and has to be specifically authorised on a case-to-case
basis. Specific declarations have to be made by those in receipt of any such images and a charge will be applied for such work.

Other Facilities

Does the Centre have Wi-Fi available for use by faculty and delegates?

Yes. There is free Wi-Fi available in the Centre. It should be noted that the use of mobile phones and cameras is strictly forbidden with the lab itself but may be used in the seminar room, reception and other areas outside the lab.

Can the Centre provide refreshments and lunches if required?

Yes. Lunches are taken in the seminar room or a breakout room above the lab where teas, coffees and refreshments can also be consumed. For smaller numbers, a rolling refreshment break can be arranged in the reception area next to the lab to reduce downtime during a course.

Can the organisers bring in lunch and refreshments themselves?

In order to ensure compliance with food handling and safety regulations, the Centre prefers to arrange all catering provisions. Hirers may provide their own catering subject to prior agreement.

Are there Car Parking facilities at the Centre?

Yes. There are secure car parking facilities at the Centre. Delegates and Faculty who attend the course by car can leave their car at the Centre for the duration of the course (including overnight) without charge.

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