Terms and conditions

General and Terms

We reserve the right to change/update our terms & conditions and privacy policy without notification.Terms – Centres refers to The Cambridge Postgraduate Medical Centre, The Addenbrooke’s Simulation Centre, & The Evelyn Surgical Training Centre.

Accounts and Passwords

If you are experiencing difficulties with your account or registering for a course we may access your account on your behalf to complete the registration. This may involve us needing to change your password for us to do so. We will endeavour to notify you of any such changes via phone or e-mail, you will be able to change your password back.


Places on courses are only confirmed once full payment is received and you will always receive a confirmation e-mail once your place on the course is confirmed. If you do not receive this it is the responsibility of the delegate to make contact with the centre to discuss this and make sure the place is fully confirmed.For any courses attended, the Centre accepts no responsibility for any harm or death sustained while attending one of our courses.

Payments and Refunds

Our online payments are taken through Paypal. Should you experience any issue with paypal’s service please visit https://www.paypal.com/

Where a holding payment is held for a course the holding payments will be held in the safe of one of our finance departments. Cheques for free courses with holding payments will be returned to delegates on the date of the course or destroyed upon the delegates attendance at the course. Card details will be destroyed (Please note that the destroying of cheques may not take place until the following working day after the course).

Course fees are refundable up to 30 days prior to course commencement (Some courses may be excluded from this policy and these Exclusions will be declared on the individual course page).

It is the attendee’s responsibility to make sure that all course fees are paid in full and all terms and conditions are adhered to.

While we aim and market our courses as accurately as possible, on occasion there will be changes to the planned programme. Refund requests will not be considered on the basis of programme alterations unless covered by the terms of the courses refund policy.

Attitude & Behaviour

Addenbrooke’s Post Graduate Medical Centre will not tolerate foul, abusive or violent behaviour particularly to our staff. Any behaviour of this nature may result in you being asked to leave the course with no refund being issued to you.

Patient information obtained while attending any course is strictly confidential and is not to be disclosed outside of the course. Any breaches of patient confidentiality will be taken very seriously and may lead to legal action.

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